Low-Care Indoor Plants You’ll Love

Low-Care Indoor Plants You’ll Love

It goes without saying that we love low-care indoor plants here at Principal Renovations!

Plants are nature’s way of removing toxins from the air, which helps keep your space fresh. They also add that little bit of colour a room needs, and often play a huge role in tying various elements of a room together. We understand that not everyone is a green thumb, so here are some of our favourite low-care indoor plants, where you should keep them, and how much love they will need.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Asplenium NidusAn image of a Bird's Nest Fern on a white table.
Room: Bathroom
Care Level: Basic

The Bird’s Nest Fern isn’t your typical fern. Instead of a feather or palm-like frond, this fern has lush and glossy sword-shaped fronds. This beautiful greenery provides subtle texture that doesn’t add too much visual distraction to a space (perfect for small areas). Originating from tropical environments, they’re perfect for humid rooms — like a bathroom. Just keep them out of direct sunlight and keep the soil moist by watering around the edges of your pot.

Spider Plant

Chlorophytum Comosum
Room: Study or Living Area
Care Level: Basic

You’ve probably heard of the Spider Plant before, and for good reason — they’re incredibly easy to care for. Spider Plants are typically bright green, but also come in a variegated (a white stripe through the foliage) variety if you want something more eye-catching. You can plant these in the ground, but they do just as well in pots. When placing them in your home (our favourite spot is in the office), be mindful that they like well-lit spaces without direct sunlight. Water your Spider Plant twice a week in the warmer months, and once a week in winter.


ZZ Plant

Room: Any
Care Level: Indestructible

The ZZ Plant’s ultra-shiny dark green leaves bring an interesting depth to your space. These plants are the ultimate low-care indoor plant — ideal if you’re a serial plant-killer or have never owned a plant before. They sit perfectly in corners that don’t see much light and enjoy a “set and forget” approach. However, if you’re blessed with a naturally bright home, you can still adopt a ZZ — just keep them out of direct sunlight. The ZZ is a true survivor and can live for months without water. Water once a month in the warm months, and once every six weeks during winter.

Snake Plant

Sansevieria Trifasciata
Room: Kitchen
Care Level: Basic

Snake Plants are hardy, easy-to-keep plants that add vertical interest to any space. They need a pot with drainage and love well-lit spaces without direct sunlight. Water once — until water drains from the bottom of your pot — then tip any excess water from the saucer. Only water again when the soil is completely dry. We suggest you keep a short-variety Snake Plant on the kitchen bench, and the tall-variety in an empty corner between the kitchen and dining.

An image of two Snake Plant's on a white table.

Devil’s Ivy

Epipremnum Aureum
Room: Laundry
Care Level: Basic

Devil’s Ivy, like most Ivy, is a climbing plant — it’s the perfect addition to any laundry. It’s stunning heart-shaped leaves break up what is often a room full of straight lines. Devil’s Ivy has long trails of Pinterest-worthy foliage that looks beautiful on a laundry bench, trailing down from a shelf, or even on a hallway side table. This plant will grow best in bright non-direct light, but will also thrive in low light conditions (just a little bit slower). Water your Ivy once a week in the warm months and once every two weeks in winter.

An image of Devil's Ivy on a small table next to a candle holder.


Room: Kitchen
Care Level: Basic

An image of herbs on a kitchen benchtop. Obviously, herbs are perfect for the kitchen! They bring colour to your benchtop, make a delicious addition to your meals, and give off a pleasant natural aroma. Most herbs enjoy lots of sun, so placement under or near the kitchen window is ideal. Just remember that they will lean towards sunlight and will need to be rotated every few days to keep them growing evenly. Water once a week and ensure you harvest your herbs regularly to promote plant health through a beautiful, thick, compact growth.

Pink Princess

Philodendron VariationA Pink Princess plant on a bedside table.
Room: Bathroom or Bedroom
Care Level: Moderate

If you’re feeling adventurous, Pink Princess is the perfect way to bring a vibrant pop of colour to any neutral room or shelf. Its unique stem and dark green, bright pink contrasting leaves create a quirky sense of fun and playfulness. The Princess requires a well-lit space with indirect sunlight and likes to be watered every couple of days. You will know they need water when the top inch of soil has dried out.

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